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Debbi Morgan

Veteran Actress and Iconic Celebrity

"The Monkey on My Back"

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The highly acclaimed One-Woman Show, written by Debbi Morgan, is a deeply personal memoir about television and film actress Debbie Morgan's journey through a legacy of fear and abuse, which spanned three generations of women, beginning with Debbi's maternal grandmother, continuing with her mother, and then Debbie herself carrying on the torch of this vicious cycle.  She details how the ugly pattern of abuse set patterns of fear, insecurity, self-doubt, and the deepest pain which seemingly passed from one generation to the next. 

Although intensely emotional and painful, Debbi's "one-woman Show" is told with brutal honesty, candor, and humor in a 90-minute plus stage performance; during which Debbi takes her audience on a captivating ride through the generations that preceded, her life from a small child through the teenage years, and then as an adult throughout the roller coaster rides of her marriages. 

Toussaint Morrison

Actor, Musician, and Writer

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Toussaint Morrison- soulful rap/hip hop artist and slam poet - hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, but now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An accomplished television/film and theater actor with roles in 2014's Studio Luma, 2016's Rideshare, and 2017's Wilson, Toussaint dropped his debut album, Lesser Restoration, in February, 2017. Reckoning with the vulnerability of reconstructing your life after overwhelming loss, Toussaint considers the advantages of being heartbroken rather than heartless, unlawful than law-abiding, and dying Black & proud rather than living Black & submissive.


"We Are Here"

conceived, written and performed by
Antonio David Lyons

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Fulbright awardee, Antonio David Lyons is an accomplished film and television actor and the author of the three plays "Celebration", "Beautiful Struggle" and "We Are Here."  This project, "We Are Here," is designed to foster an environment where the arts can impact social conditions, attitudes, perceptions and structures amongst men and boys.  A coming to awareness narrative, the play is about the allure of Hollywood losing its shine for a seasoned actor finding himself embarking on a life-changing journey by moving from Los Angeles to Johannesburg, South Africa.  In South Africa, he finds a country ripe with the promise of a young democracy, but plagued by Apartheid legacies and endemic violence visited on women, children and community by men.

'I Am Not Your Negro"

a documentary film Directed by Raoul Peck and Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

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In 1979, author James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, "Remember This House".  The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr.   Notable filmmaker Raoul Peck, takes James Baldwin's 30 pages of his uncompleted manuscript and creates a historic and contemporary examination of race in America; of which Globe and Mail critic Durga Chew-Base wrote, "It's an astonishing, often challenging and sharp examination of race in the United States, confronting how the country's history repeats and how Baldwin insisted that we remember, relentlessly question, remain conscientious and resist.  Released to theaters nation-wide in 2016, "I Am Not Your Negro" was an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature nominee and has garnered numerous awards including the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Documentary, National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Non-Fiction Film, the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, among others.

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